Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What i will do to stop wasting

The thing i will do to reduce my carbon footprint is when ive finished my washing instead of puting it in the drying machince i will hang it on the clotheline. This will be very good because we have 6 people in our household and we change our clothes alot. Its going to be hard because you have to stand there cliping them on it is sooo boring, but will help the enviroment. So that is what i am going to to do to help the enviroment and reduce my ecological footprint.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson Architect

On the 3rd of June 2009 Kris Wilson from Design House Architecture cam to Room 18 and talked to us about Sustainiblie Architecture and showed us some houses he designed. He showed us all the Sustainible things he desgined in his houses such as chimberleys to heat up water, low flow taps and shower.Also he told us things such as use recycable materials, Use high level of insullation to keep the heat in the house.A good idea to do was plant a tree 25 years later use it then plant another one then and use it etc etc.I learnt alot of things that day and im very thankfull.

Jo & Clement

On the 2nd of June 2009 2 boys fr0m S.I.F.E called Jo & Clement came to Room 18 and talked to us about Sustainability. They told us about how reclycling is good but our black bags that go outside are thrown into a landfill and left there, I was in SHOCK!. They also got a apple and told us that the apple was the earth and told us stuff about it.Also at the end they got our rubbish bin and showed us shocking things such as we put paper in a rubbish bin we throw away un eaten Apples, meat etc etc.So they told us that we should get a worm farm so we can be sustainabile and help the enviroment.Green font thanks to MysteryMan check out his sustainability Blog