Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supply & Demand

On the left this is a picture of a suppli and demand graph explaing what supply and demand is.Supply and demand is aneconomic model based on price,utility and quantity supplied by producers.resulting in an economic equilibrum of price and quantity.The model incorporates other facrtors changing equilibrum as a shift of demand and/or supply.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eco House

We have been learning about living sustainably one of our ideas for doing this is to live in Eco houses. My Eco house will have power generated by wind turbines and water heating creating by harnessing the energy created by the sun through my solar panels. Also my house will have insulation to keep the warm in and so i don't have to keep turning the heater on and save energy.I'm going to get Photovoltaic bars so i can produce electricity from sunlight.For my water i will have a water butt to collect water from rain gutters,rooftops and rain.To get heat i will use a ground heat pump to get heat from to the ground.For my windows i will have double glazed windows to keep the heat from escaping so i can use less heat.In conclusion in my house i will have solar panels to collect energy from the sun.Special thanks to Mystery Man for helping me understand these things.Click here for his blog