Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sustainability Argument

Dear All Readers

In my opinion it is definitely better and more effective to be sustainable. Here are my reasons why I am for sustainability and what will happen if we do not start being sustainable.

Firstly, global warming is becoming a big problem. Every year the temperature rises about 0.1-0.2 degrees and in the next 100 years the temperature rise each year will accelerate to 2-4 degrees each year. So by us humans polluting the earth and not being sustainable soon the polar ice caps will melt and will flood, destroying the earth.

Secondly, if we do not become sustainable and save the environment/planet then all our animals will die due to people cutting down trees, throwing rubbish into the ocean and creating an unsafe environment for all the animals. If all the animals die then us humans will not have any meat or any animals to help our plants and trees to grow such as birds, sharks, wolves and weasels, and we all know we cant live with out fruits and vegetables and we cant breath without trees. So how is doing all those bad things thinking about our future generations and saving the animals and trees?

Thirdly, a lot of humans are being waist full and using a lot of stuff, more than we need. We can live without over rapping all those products,we throw the wrapping in the bin anyway. Also because we are over wrapping our products and throwing them the bin, using a lot of unnecessary paper and throwing them in the bin, buying electronic devices we don't even need and throwing them away after a year or 6 months etc etc and saying "its going to get recycled" but do you know the truth. When you throw away all your unnecessary things away and buy things you don't even need are all being dumped in land fulls. Land fulls that take years to break down causing a lot of pollution and killing animals and the environment.

I hope that you enjoyed my points and think about being sustainable and caring for the dying planet

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  1. This is an excellent argument, MrArsenalBoy. Your structure is sound, you used paragraphs well and you were interesting as well as convincing.
    You need to put references in to the sites or books you got your information from.